Female Led Relationship - What is a FLR?

What is FLR?

What is FLR? The term Female Led Relationship, abbreviated with FLR, is a heterosexual relationship in which a couple comes to an agreement that the female will be the ultimate ruler in the relationship. The man in the relationship is submissive to the woman. He may be dominant towards others, but comes home as the strong knight that submits to his Leader. Of course, there are also men that will be submissive in everyday life as well.

FLR the app

FLR is also an app coming soon to the ios and Google Play (android) store. Imagine being able to locate dominant women with the swipe of a button.


Trying FLR for the first time

Just as you would find any beginning relationship to be difficult and complicated, FLRs are no different. Because of the culture we live in today, forming any type of relationship needs additional guidance and disclosures. It’s very difficult to find someone looking for an actual relationship, let alone a FLR. The culture we live in today is all about instant gratification/hooking up. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you’re talking to an incompatible mate. One person could be looking for long term relationship, the other, a sexual encounter. I’m hoping with the FLR app, we can eliminate this situation. Options of seeking sessions, online play, 24/7 submission and long term relationships will be included within the search area.

Full on BDSM websites can cause a lot of confusion for a FLR. FLR is not entirely based on bondage or controlling the man with punishments. However, in some couples, it will be. The app will allow you to search for either a dominant leading women for long term or a dominatrix for play/short term.

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